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Benefits of small group training

  • Lose weight and reduce body fat
  • Drop at least one dress size
  • Only 2-3 people per group
  • Cost effective - the benefit of personal training without the cost - the equivalent personal training at a gym would set you back at least £500 - £700 (including membership and sessions)
  • We help you set specific goals. Assessments are included and each week the exercises are progressed to ensure improvement – homework is always given and expected to be completed!
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching is included with each session (fat loss courses)
  • It’s fun, educational, motivating and challenging, and gets you fit!
  • You get nutritional support, food plans, goal setting and monitoring of your progress from beginning to end (fat loss courses)
  • We train using short bursts of intensive exercise that raise metabolic rate more effectively than longer steady periods of activity - enabling our clients to train more effectively in a shorter period of time.
  • Functional training that works the whole body including the core.
  • Small numbers in the group (2-3) so we are able to adjust and adapt each exercise to suit the level of each person taking part.

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This semi-private (max 3 people) class focuses on three essential principles required for effective fat loss:

  • Natural Nutrition
  • Natural Lifestyle
  • Natural Movement & Exercise

Natural movement and exercise utilizes the principle that short bursts of intensive exercise raises metabolic rate more effectively than longer steady periods of activity. To do this we use Timed Circuits where each person performs a set exercise for a short period of time before resting and then moving on to the next. This enables us to train more effectively in a shorter period of time, and is less stressful on the body.

Exercises are functional and work the whole body including the core. Due to the small number in the group we are able to adjust and adapt each exercise to suit the level of each person taking part.

We begin by discussing specific goals. Measurements are taken at week 1, 4 and 8. Each week the exercises are progressed to ensure improvement – and homework is always given and expected to be completed (not too much though!).

The nutrition and lifestyle portion follows the training. These principles we advocate make the training effective and the aim is to help you get results.

By following the advice given during this course we can guarantee that participants will lose body fat and get leaner. If participants do not get results by following our advice, we will offer their money back!

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This semi-private class is an introduction into natural strength training & conditioning. Due to the ratio of one coach to a maximum of 3 clients, we can focus on teaching and developing the ability to perform and improve primal movements in a way that is functional and challenging. Throughout the course you will get stronger without the compensations in posture and movement that often accompanies gym or boot camp type training. Each person’s performance is assessed on strength and their ability to complete certain functional movement patterns.

Each week we will develop your skill level and introduce you to the fundamentals of strength conditioning using bodyweight and resistance equipment such TRX Straps, Kettlebells, Cables and Weights.

This course is perfect for those wanting to improve muscular tone, and who need to maintain or improve muscle mass and for core strength. It is suitable for both men and women.

  • Week 1-2: Assessment, goal setting and mastering basic bodyweight movements and core recruitment.
  • Weeks 3-4: TRX strap training & building a strong pelvis (stomach & bottom!).
  • Weeks 5-6: Introduction to Kettlebell training – safe and effective basic moves for strength.
  • Weeks 7-8: Putting it all together, assessment and review.

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This 8 week personal training semi-private (max. 3 people) course provides an excellent introduction to kettlebell training. The course is taken by Maciej, our kettlebell specialist. His teaching methods are effective, fun and motivational.

The benefits of kettlebell training

  • Encompasses both aerobic and anaerobic exercise within a single workout, therefore allowing you to develop both cardiovascular fitness and strength
  • Full body conditioning, whereby numerous large muscle groups are recruited and utilised simultaneously, including the constant activation of your core muscles
  • More efficient workouts in less time, brought about by the numerous muscle groups targeted, making it an ideal workout for individuals with a hectic schedule
  • Enhanced mobility and range of motion, resulting from the various swinging motions associated with kettlebell exercise, which in turn reduces the likelihood of injury
  • Strength increments without bulk, due to the nature of the kettlebell philosophy, results include lean mass and toning, making it more appealing to certain individuals
  • Enhanced calories burnt, dependant on the exercises performed, can result in up to 1200 per hour, making it more efficient than standard equipment and ideal for fat loss

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  • Do you want to enjoy running?
  • Do you want to run 5k without stopping?
  • Would you like to better your 10K time

This new small group-training course is held in the Natural Fitness Studio (downstairs at the Light Centre), coached by Adam Lewis. The aim is to establish and improve the foundations of your natural potential to run through the following methods:

  • Gait assessment with individual results
  • Individual coaching on fundamental running form
  • Progressive circuit-based exercise developing your fitness to run
  • Advice about best nutrition practice for running

The course is ongoing and participants can join at any time after the start date. Due to the limited spaces (max 4 each session), booking is essential.

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