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Injury rehabilitation

Back, knee and hip pain relief – naturally

In our view pain in movement comes from a lack of space (compression) that encourages us to either stop moving or to compensate with an alternative way of moving – neither is particularly desirable. At the Natural Fitness Studio we are good at creating space (decompressing), restoring movement and reducing pain.


We look at the body as a whole and when we move (or don’t move!) a chain reaction occurs from head to toe that can highlight issues or problems – tightness, compressions, imbalances, injuries etc. For our body to move fluidly, efficiently and without pain requires sequential unconscious movement in many joints. When this does not happen due to injury, poor posture/training technique/lack of movement the result is compensatory movement patterns and eventually pain can result.

Through our understanding of natural human movement, proprio-ception and function we assess then apply solutions that allow the body to correct many of these movement patterns unconsciously, quickly and effectively. This enables our clients to get out of pain faster and get training sooner - saving money and time.

That said we often see additional benefits by utilizing the specialist skills of the physical therapists here at the Light Centre. It is very rare that any one solution is a cure all in the long term, and an approach that combines movement and therapy (a holistic solution) is one we strongly advocate.

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