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I started training with Marc nearly 6 months ago following a recommendation from a chiropractor at The Light Centre. The idea was to restore stability and balance following an accident and alleviate associated back and shoulder pains. I am happy to say that I saw immediate results from his one on one sessions without the need for further treatments and my workouts are now the backbone of my schedule. I would recommend that anyone training with Marc also use him for nutritional advice.

Duncan Preston, Belgravia

I was not sure what to expect on joining the first day of the natural fat loss course and was feeling rather nervous. Tthe first session was all about goal setting and full of information on nutrition. The second week was a real eye opener; I don't think I have ever felt so shattered after doing exercise!! But this is the really good part of it, as the class is so small there is no hiding in the back row taking things easy; Adam's approach is very motivational and changes are made each week to keep progressing and pushing you forward towards your goals.

I liked the combined nutrition and exercise and the more holistic approach to helping with weight loss. I had been doing some other forms of exercise, but what I found doing this was even after just 4 weeks my body shape was starting to change to the point where numerous people at work were coming up to find out what I had been doing to look so much trimmer (including near strangers).

I would really recommend this course for anyone keen to lose body fat/weight and increase their fitness level. It's especially useful, if like me, you have struggled with weight issues for a long time and need that personal help to kick start things again. It's also good if you're not a great lover of gyms.

Andrea Johnson

I've seen various personal trainers, (usually attached to brand name gyms), and I've seen so called specialists in how to use weights. But Marc is the first to deliver a holistic view to training - looking at every aspect of one's approach to exercise - your physiology, your diet, your rest and sleep patterns in tandem with a bespoke exercise programme.

Working with Marc - I got a wholly unique work-out for me. What i got was much more than a programme for exercise but a design for life – and a 4% drop in body fat in 6 weeks. If you are prepared to accept Marc's peerless advice on technique, heed his advice ('less is more') on when and when not to train, rest correctly and eat sensibly and proactively then you'll come closer than ever to achieving if not exceeding your expectations from training - Marc is that good.

Marc's care and attention to clients is absolute - key to his approach is establishing what you want from exercise, not enforcing what he believes you should get from it. Partnership and trust are key and therein lie the rewards - both physically and mentally. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Marc to anybody looking to attain physical goals and significantly improve their sense of well being

Jonny Bradbury-Birrell, IMG Consulting International

In the last 15 years I have spent a fortune on osteopaths and chiropractors while my back gradually continued to get worse, rather than better. It eventually got to the point last summer, where I couldn’t actually play a game of tennis without being in agony the following day.

Conscious of how poor my life would be without tennis I decided that I needed a different approach, and that I should try to fix my back rather than just having it corrected every few weeks. So I embarked on a search for someone who could help me do just that, which is when I found Marc. From the start he sought to understand exactly where my weaknesses are, and has crafted a continually evolving (and often challenging) programme that has freed me from constant back pain.

Marc’s instinctive understanding of the body means that he is able to use really focused exercises to either release a pain or to strengthen a weakness. As a result I have a unique programme of stretching and strengthening exercises that are perfectly tailored to my individual weaknesses, which have resulted in me being able to play tennis 5 times a week and still be virtually pain free!

Helen White

It is possibly a testament to Marc that I actually cannot remember how many years he has been training my husband and myself. I believe it is 10 years that he has motivated, stimulated, encouraged and generally kicked our butts into working out on a regular basis. He is personable, straight forward, has the most positive attitude, and is most importantly, dedicated to helping us get the most out of our training and nutritional needs. Needless to say I am slimmer and fitter than I have been in all my adult life – hard work but worth it! I would greatly encourage anyone to use his expertise and patience in hoping to accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Sue Harris, Chiswick

I have been training with Marc for almost a year now and I have noticed an improvement in muscle tone, energy levels and general well-being. Marc is not only proficient in physical fitness but his knowledge extends to body mechanics, nutrition and weight management. I have been plagued by a painful knee due to a ski accident and Marc has helped me regain mobility and stability in my knee. The pain has also diminished. Marc is pleasant and instills a positive attitude into the workouts. He has adopted a holistic approach to health and fitness. I can highly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental well-being.

Gunilla Schwartz, Belgravia

Marc has consistently helped me manage my weight and improve my health. I travel often so I have needed a plan that would help me consistently, even when I’m not near a gym. I’m eating foods that I really love without gaining weight, and following his detox food plan has helped me lose 14lbs in weight in less than 2 months, stopped my joints aching and improved my digestion

Marcus Russell, Manager of Oasis, MD Big Brother Records, MD Ignition Management

I recommend Marc to everyone I know. It’s certainly not ‘a walk in the park’ training with him, but I believe it is very much worth the effort. Not only I have benefitted from his exercise coaching but have appreciated his patience and dedication to the cause! His approach to lifestyle, nutrition and exercise is second to none and he has been instrumental in my recovery from stage 3 cancer.

Anita Leslau, Marylebone (now a very fit 76 years of age!)

For me he has been pretty inspirational. I came to Marc through a recommendation, initially for just a few sessions to help with my nutrition and energy levels. Several months later I am now a regular client. He has gradually developed my nutrition and my training and boosted my confidence and motivation through his positive manner. I have developed muscles everywhere and feel so proud of what he has helped me achieve!

Patrick Towell, IT Systems Developer, London

I’ve tried everything, but this actually works! My cravings have stopped, my digestion has improved, my weight has come down by 13lbs and I have my shape back! Thank you Marc!

Olivia Lichtenstein, TV Producer/Director, Author

In 6 weeks Marc has changed my shape more than I thought possible – what was once floppy is now firm and I even have a new bottom!

Suzy Parsons, Belgravia

The level of improvement has been greater than I have found with any other trainer. Marc’s inspirational philosophy has not only transformed my body, but has had a major impact in reshaping my life

Zaynab Chalabi, Marylebone

I went to see Marc in March after a series of unsuccessful attempts to alleviate my right hip pain.

I first had problems with my hip 2 years ago but nothing major - I was fairly active doing some yoga, swimming and jogging but nothing regularly and at first my hip only bothered me during extreme movements or if sitting too long without moving however eventually it became and everyday niggle that I was aware of whenever I walked and became painful during exercise.

After a trip to the GP, x-ray and MRI scans the physio decided it was a muscle imbalance and I set about doing my exercises every day. However if anything this seemed to make the pain worse and more prevalent so after a few months my motivation reduced and I subconsciously resigned myself to a less active lifestyle saying things like "I'd like to do that but I can't because of my hip".

Eventually - probably fed up of my moaning - my boyfriend convinced me to see Marc and amazingly after 2 hours of twisting, funny walking and lunging my leg felt much better and I can honestly say has not hurt in the same way since this session. I do have some exercises to help maintain this but can't believe that one 2-hour session could make all the difference 6 months of scans and physiotherapy couldn't help.

Susie Hughes