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Marc Faupel - trainer bio

Marc Faupel

A specialist in Functional Exercise, Strength & Conditioning Marc leads the team at The Natural Fitness Studio. A Sports Science graduate of Brunel University, with many years of experience, he brings a very holistic approach to the Studio.

He has been influenced by studying Kinesiology, Functional Nutrition, Natural Movement and energy work. He has worked with a wide range of people including many high profile clients and companies such as BBC, Reuters & American Express.   

His own training interests are varied and reflect his multidisciplinary approach to health - they include natural and primal movement, kettlebell training, rugby, football, meditation, chi gong, running and generally lifting heavy things!

  • BSc (Hons) Sports Science Brunel University
  • Advanced Functional Trainer
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach (Poliquin International)
  • Corrective Exercise (CHEK Institute & NASM)
  • Advanced Metabolic Typing 
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (Functional Medicine University)

In Marc's own words...

“Over my 18 years in the fitness industry I have had many influences that now shape my approach to what I do, and I am continually learning and adding to my skills and experience.

I have been most influenced by mentors who have shown how most success comes from following basic foundational principles – be it relating to strength and conditioning, fat loss and nutrition or general wellness. This is what I try to pass on to my clients – keep it simple and keep it consistent.

I love what I do. I feel privileged to work with great clients and a great team at the Light Centre and I’m passionate about helping as many people as possible to look and feel great”


Maciej Gross - trainer bio

Maciej Gross

With a background in Martial Arts, Maciej is a passionate, motivating  and well skilled personal trainer. He combines his love of exercise with his desire to teach. He specialises in weight loss, postural and movement correction, rehabilitation, injury prevention and martial arts.  He also has extensive experience with older adults, disabled clients and GP referrals.  He combines these skills with an indepth knowledge of bodyweight training, kettlebell work and conditioning to provide precise and effective programmes.

  • Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
  • Rehab Trainer Specialist
  • Olympic Weightlifting Instructor
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • GP Referral, Active Ageing, Exercise Programming for Disabled People
  • Level 3 Advance Fitness Instructor

In Maciej's own words...

“I like to think of personal training as one-to-one physical education. Not only does it awaken in me a certain sense of responsibility but it also emphasises my professionalism. I will be teaching you how to exercise and I will also introduce you to the basics of nutrition, anatomy, biomechanics and even some cognitive psychology. I will be reinforcing your knowledge throughout your training by always explaining what you are doing and why”

Adam Lewis - trainer bio

Adam Lewis

“After over a decade of experience as an advanced snowboarder and national standard, black belt Taekwon-Do instructor, I became a Certified Personal trainer in 2008. From this background, I developed a training style greatly influenced by the grace, range and fluidity of martial arts and I combined this with primal movement. I now use this as the basis to build quality movement, true strength and the foundation of ability with everyone I train.

We live in an age where we are constantly made aware of our health and fitness. That said, with all the mass media, marketing, branding, conflicting information and advice, keeping fit, trim and vital has never been more confusing and frustrating. So what to do?

Remember that only you can know your own body. I work with the individual I see in front of me. This I do because everyone is unique and despite what the TV, Internet or magazines say, no one product, diet or exercise regime yields the same results for everyone.

To help a client interpret and respond to the unique needs of their body and the demands of their daily lives, this is my goal, whether working with athletes or office workers. This is the key I use to unlock flat stomachs, smiling faces and personal bests alike”.