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Training in our studio works in harmony with, rather than in conflict with, the way we are designed to move. Our aim for the studio was for it to be a gym without being a gym. There is enough space to move freely and more than enough “functional” equipment to train all clients effectively. 

As physical beings we have evolved with movement being a constant factor in our development. Without proper movement we can feel sluggish, stiff, weak and lack vitality – any animal that doesn’t move usually get’s sick.

We do not believe that any one way of training is the answer. Millions of years of adaptation created humans that are generalists  – not necessarily specialised in one activity – enabling us to become very successful in most environments. We encourage variety and challenge in the training we choose. The ability to step, climb, jump, swim, fight, throw, push, pull, run, hop, lift, crawl etc. are all movements that we need to stay naturally fit. We base the majority of our training around these movements. No big gym machines and no gimmicks. 

Not surprisingly we often lack the ability to do many of these movements efficiently, and as such we have (poor) physiques that reflect this. Many modern gyms pander to this lack of movement by providing programs that require little supervision and coaching, but also do not functionally fit clients.

We believe that natural fitness creates natural physiques – lean, flexible and strong - by moving and exercising in a more diverse and “natural” way.